What is the acceptable use of Social Media in the workplace? 12/10/2011

Is your organisation up to speed on your employees use of Social Media in the workplace?  Do you have a Company Policy that covers the increasing use of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn by employees in your Company?

Many organisations do not have a Social Media Policy that sets out clear guidelines and Company rules in relation to social media useage and acceptable content.  You also need to clearly look at the differences between personal use and business use.

As with all Policies, you need to give your employees clear guidelines as to what are the boundaries to avoid any future problems.  The Policy should also cover sanctions if employees fail to follow the Policy.

ACAS have produced a fact sheet to assist in compiling a Social Media Policy.  Please follow the link below or contact us at JIrwin Associates if you require any further information.

Click here to view ACAS' online fact page

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