Year 12 and 13

Making the most of your work placement and how to demonstrate this in your Personal Statement or at interview

This workshop will bring Year 12 and 13 students an understanding of how important their placement is for future job and university applications.  It will also inform them of what is expected of them in the workplace. Following the workshop they will then have the tools to translate their placement experiences into compelling stories for their UCAS and job application forms.

Workshop will include:

What is expected of you in the world of work

  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Attitude
  • 1st impressions and body language
  • Appearance

What skills and personal qualities do you need for your chosen career or university course?

How to get the most out of my placement.

  • What I should be looking out for on my placement
  • Recognising examples of the competencies and skills in their Company mentor
  • Asking questions and observing personal skills in real life work situations

Translating these work placement experiences and observations into compelling stories for my Personal Statement and CV

  • Techniques on how to record these experiences / “stories”

Employability Skills and key interview techniques

A practical workshop to give students the confidence to sell themselves at an interview.


  • What do employers expect from their employees?
  • Core competencies and how to demonstrate these at interview  ( eg. Team working, communication skills, reliability, trustworthiness)

Interview Techniques

  • Importance of 1st impressions and body language to project the right image
  • Types of questions to expect and how to prepare answers using the STAR approach.
  • Preparation techniques for the day of the interview.
  • Role of an interview panel
  • Understanding the interview process
  • How to beat those interview nerves
  • Interview preparation checklist

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